Happy Tails Dog Grooming

Dedicated and experienced groomers, ready to provide your pets with the best possible care so they can look and feel their best, are the staff at Happy Tails Dog Grooming, your one-stop grooming destination for all your furry companions.


We recognize the value of giving your pet the care they need at Happy Tails. Maintaining proper hygiene and good health for your pet goes hand in hand with keeping them looking tidy and clean. Using premium products that are safe for their skin and coat, our skilled groomers will provide your pet with the utmost in care.

Dog Grooming and Boarding at Happy Tails

In need of a place to board your cherished animal companion? There’s just happy tails dog groomer to search! While you are away, your pet can stay in a cozy and secure environment with us.Grooming Dogs Happy Tails Our animal companion can come home feeling and looking well because we also provide grooming services while they are here.

Dog Grooming Supplies from Happy Tails

We exclusively utilize premium products for our grooming services in order to provide your pet’s skin and coat the finest possible results. Our solutions don’t include any harsh chemicals and leave your pet feeling clean and rejuvenated. They are mild yet effective.

Doggy daycare, pet boarding, and grooming

We provide dog daycare for those days when you are unable to spend time with your pet in addition to grooming and boarding services. In a secure and monitored setting, our happy tails doggy daycare offers playing and opportunities for socialization with other dogs.


The grooming destination for all things pet-related is Happy Tails Dog Grooming. We provide your pet with all they need for a happy and healthy life, from routine grooming services to special trims and spa treatments.

Grooming with a Gentle Touch

For your pet’s , happy tails mobile grooming comfort and relaxation during their grooming session, our groomers are trained to use the most delicate procedures. We provide loving care to meet the unique needs of each pet because we recognize that they are unique.

Dog groomers on-call in Springfield

Our mobile grooming services are available in the Springfield region for the convenience of our clients. We will send a crew to your house or place of business with all the equipment and supplies needed to provide your pet with the same high-quality grooming experience in the comfort of your own home.

Prices for dog groomers in Springfield

We think that pet grooming shouldn’t be prohibitively expensive at taps and tails reviews. Our pricing for all of our grooming services is competitive and reasonable because of this. Get a customized price from us based on the unique requirements of your pet.

Inexpensive dog wash services in Springfield

When it comes to pet grooming, we are aware that money can occasionally be an issue. We don’t sacrifice the caliber of our services in order to provide reasonably priced solutions. Entrust us with the task of maintaining your pet’s optimal appearance and well-being.


In the US, what is the price of dog grooming?

In the US, there are differences in the price of happy tails pet boarding grooming based on the size, breed, and kind of services required. Simple grooming sessions might run you anything from $30 to $90 on average.

In the USA, what is the average salary of dog groomers?

Dog groomers in the US make a median yearly salary of almost $25,000, according to statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But, in places where there is a greater need for grooming services, experienced and skilled groomers can make more money.

In the United States, how many people groom dogs?

There will be over 76,000 dog groomers working in the US in 2021. In the upcoming years, this figure is anticipated to rise due to the increased demand for happy tails pet grooming grooming services.

Are dogs’ tails trimmed by groomers?

Tail trimming is not a part of grooming services. In many places, tail docking—the act of removing a dog’s tail for aesthetic reasons—is prohibited and regarded as cruel. Happy Tails is committed to highlighting your pet’s natural, healthy appearance.

Does trimming a dog’s tail have any advantages?

Cutting a dog’s tail has no medicinal benefits. Actually, it may result in problems for the high tail grooming salon bodily and mental health in addition to pain and suffering. While maintaining your pet’s comfort and well-being, we think it’s important to promote their natural appearance.

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