Why You Need a Dog Toy Bin—And Other Tips from Trainers on Rotating Toys

Toys are an important part of a dog’s development and can stimulate the body and mind. But soon all the toys were confused. If you often see your pet chewing or chewing, you’ve come to the right place. We have some proven ideas and dog toy box ideas for clutter management.

The first step to keeping games safe from your home is to hire a trusted organization. We asked CPDT-KA dog trainer Kimberly Shaw for tips on how dog parents can better handle toys; Deliberately changing toys helps keep pet parents at bay, he said. There are also some tips on what types of dog toy boxes are easy to use and find.

The importance of rotating dog toys and how to do it

Most professionals agree that a dog can never have too many toys or as many toys as space and budget will allow. But more important than the number of dog toys is the variety of toys. Stuffed toys are an easy way to keep your stuffed animal fresh while reducing stress.

“The key is finding the right balance for your pet and your family,” Waugh says. “You can change your pet’s toys every two to three weeks to maximize playtime and prevent boredom.”

Some parents may change their toys every month, while others will change them every week – your approach will vary depending on the situation. Know how bored your dog is and how often you can change toys.

Besides the risk of accidents (and the subsequent danger of bare feet), Wah says having more toys can make it more fun. “Too many games can be stressful and reduce the interest in playing.” “A good rule of thumb is to have at least three to five toys for your pet.”

According to Shaw, this should include toys that meet all the dog’s needs. Sixty, one to hug, one to play with people (like a game). Your final choice in the toy box will be personal and should reflect your dog’s interests and type of toy.

First, try to make two or three game boxes that contain different games. Set aside a toy box for your dog to play with, and leave the others in a closet or closet until you get a new toy. This will add novelty and continuity to your dog’s playtime

Collecting games is less.

When the old game is removed

No dog toy, no matter how durable, lasts forever. When your dog’s toys begin to wear out, it’s time to retire them. For Shaw and other breeders, it’s a safety issue.

“It’s important to check your pet’s toys regularly and get rid of anything old, worn, or worn out.” “Knocked or damaged toys can be dangerous, so dispose of them immediately to ensure your pet’s safety.”

When adding new toys to your group, take a look at your existing toys and avoid discarding unused or old toys to free up more space in your toy box. Wow, Game recommends donating used toys but in good condition to a local shelter or rescue group. However, not all shelters accept used toys, so call ahead and check.

Simple storage ideas for dog toys

A great gaming solution for multi-gaming pet parents is to provide space and flexibility for every game.

For simple storage, WOW recommends choosing containers such as plastic boxes or dry canvas gift boxes from IRIS USA. “Plastic bags or simple baskets are great ways to store extra toys, making them easy to access and move around when needed.”

If you have limited space or are looking for something that fits. , choose another option. Integrated products such as ottomans or ottomans can be placed more consistently in your home. For example, this ottoman from Lavish House is not only a home for broken toys but also a comfortable place to sit when guests come over (and you, of course).

The Dry Animal Bone Company has a variety of beautiful wicker and canvas storage containers for your sweet home, including toy boxes like bones. It comes in a variety of sizes and comes with a lid so you can keep your game safely closed if you don’t want to leave it behind.

For easy storage, you can find storage containers filled with moss. This soft toy box from Morezi has two compartments, each with a lid, so you can organize your baby’s favorite things.

Finally, a shed or barn door can be used if your goal is to keep toys off the floor. Wash your hands this giant Playhouse stretches up to 1.5 meters along the wall and holds up to 30 animals.

Whichever game box you choose, Wow has some helpful tips. “Whatever solution you choose, you can easily find and use your pet’s favorite toy. So, it’s a great game to play. Your dog will thank you forever.

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